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Transparency & Public Records

City Council Compensation and Benefits

City Councilmembers are eligible to receive either a salary or vehicle reimbursement allowance in the amount of $300 per month ($3,600 per year). That amount has not changed since it was first established in 1999. City Councilmembers do not receive health insurance or retirement benefits.

City Council Public Official Appointments

City Councilmembers are appointed by the City Council to serve on a variety of regional boards and organizations. Current appointments are shown in the table below. Where applicable, the compensation that City Councilmembers receive from respective boards or organizations is noted.

 Board/Organization  Primary Appointee  Alternate Appointee
California Joint Powers Insurance Authority1 Cynthia Conners Noel Hatch
Coastal Greenbelt Authority Cynthia Conners Shari L. Horne
Orange County Fire Authority2 Noel Hatch N/A
Orange County Library Advisory Board Joe Rainey Carol Moore
Orange County Mosquito and Vector Control District3 Shari L. Horne N/A
San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency4 Cynthia Conners Carol Moore
South Orange County Watershed Management Area Carol Moore Noel Hatch

1 $100 per meeting; $100 maximum per calendar year (primary or alternate only)
2 $100 per meeting; $3,600 maximum per calendar year
3 $100 per meeting; $1,200 maximum per calendar year
4 $120 per meeting; $7,200 maximum per calendar year (primary or alternate only)

City Council Ethics Training

State law requires that City Councilmembers complete biennial ethics training. This is sometimes referred to as “Assembly Bill 1234 training.” The most recent training records are available below.

City Council Workplace Harassment Training

State law requires that City Councilmembers complete biennial workplace harassment training. This is sometimes referred to as “Assembly Bill 1661 training.” The most recent training records are available below.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

City employees receive compensation and benefits as established by the City Council. The City’s annual base salary ranges and most recent employee compensation and benefits resolutions are available below.

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and receives compensation and benefits as set forth in his employment agreement. The City Manager currently receives an annual base salary of $183,770, a $150 per month ($1,800 per year) technology allowance, and such other supplemental benefits as are generally available to management employees of the City.

Catalog of Enterprise Systems

State law requires the annual disclosure of certain software applications and computer systems that are original sources of data for the collection, storage, exchange, and analysis of information for (1) multiple departments and/or (2) information collected about the public. The most recent disclosure is presented in the catalog of enterprise systems available below.

Ticket and Pass Distribution Policy and Disclosure

State law requires certain disclosures regarding the City’s distribution of tickets and passes to its public officials. Since the City Council’s adoption of a ticket and pass distribution policy in 2012, only two tickets subject to such disclosure have been distributed. Should the City distribute additional, qualifying tickets or passes in the future, required California Fair Political Practices Commission (“FPPC”) filings will be posted on this webpage and forwarded to the FPPC for posting on its website.

Meeting Records

City Council Meeting Records

City Council Committee Meeting Records

Standing Advisory Committee Meeting Records

Financial Records

Click here if you are interested in accessing additional public records, viewing public records in person at City Hall, receiving copies of public records, or filing a public records request.

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