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Avoid a Knock on Your Door! 2020 Census Information & Assistance

All Laguna Woods households should have received an invitation to complete a 2020 Census questionnaire. Delayed or missing responses will result in multiple follow-up contacts and possible in-person visits by Census workers. The best way to avoid a knock on your door is to complete your household’s questionnaire as soon as possible. City staff are available to help you complete your questionnaire and can provide assistance if you misplaced or did not receive your questionnaire. Please call City Hall at (949) 639-0500 or email cityhall@cityoflagunawoods.org.

Why Does the Census Matter?

Who Should Be Counted?

Everyone in your household should be counted. A “household” includes all people who live and sleep in a home most of the time, regardless of whether they are an owner, renter, or roommate.

Is the Census Safe?

YES. The information you provide is confidential and will only be used to generate statistics. Your information will not be shared with the City, homeowners’ associations, property management, tax agencies, law enforcement, or immigration. How you respond to the Census will not affect your eligibility for government benefits or services.

Can I Complete My Questionnaire Online?

Yes. To complete your questionnaire online, please visit www.my2020census.gov. You will need to click on the blue “Start Questionnaire” button and then, if you do not have a paper copy of your questionnaire or Census ID, on the blue text that reads “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.”