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Minutes February 19, 2003

Minutes February 19, 2003




February 19, 2003

2:00 P.M.





Mayor Hack called the Regular Meeting of the City Council of the City of Laguna Woods to order at 2:00 p.m.




Councilmember Ross led the Flag salute.




COUNCILMEMBERS    PRESENT:    Bouer, McLaughlin, Ross, Ring, Hack

ABSENT:    None


STAFF PRESENT:    City Manager Keane; Deputy Attorney Morgan; City Clerk Condon; Assistant City Manager Reilly; Community Director Barr




4.1 Certificate of Commendation – Oneita Selby – 100 Years Old


4.2 Proclamation – Principal for a Day – March 18, 2003


4.3   Certificate of Commendation – Leisure World – 2002 “WRAP of the Year” Award


4.4   Proclamation of Special Recognition – Water Quality Citizen Experts




5.1 Urban Runoff Word Scramble Certificate of Recognition Presentations (Names A – K)


City Manager Keane read the names of the Urban Runoff Word Scramble A – K winners and requested they stand when their names were read. She invited all the winners present to step outside for a picture with Council and then receive their certificate during a brief reception in city hall offices.


The meeting recessed at 2:12 p.m.


The Council meeting resumed at 2:30 p.m.




City Manager Keane advised this would be a joint meeting of the City Council and the Planning Advisory Committee to review the Zone and Development Code Revisions and to provide direction to staff.


Planning Advisory Committee Chair Leon Mochkatel called the Planning Advisory Committee meeting to order. City Manager Keane called the roll and advised a quorum was present.


City Manager Keane turned the meeting over the Anne Fox from Hogle Ireland who presented a power point presentation highlighting the proposed revisions to the Zone and Development Code.


Ms. Fox summarized proposed changes made to the Zoning Code text:


* The existing language of the adopted Code, newly adopted City ordinances, and Rossmoor Leisure World Planned Community text was retained. Generally, initial modifications to existing language eliminated inapplicable or antiquated words or phrases, eliminated sections or chapters that were clearly unrelated to the City (i.e. Coastal Regulations), and replaced words such as “City” for “County” where appropriate.


* The order in which text, paragraphs, or sections appeared in the existing documents has been re-organized and divided into sections categorized as general regulations (Sections beginning with 18.10), land use and zoning districts (Sections beginning with 18.20), design regulations (Sections beginning with 18.30), compliance regulations (Sections beginning with 18.40), application processes (Sections beginning with 18.50) and special regulations (Sections beginning with 18.60) to represent the City Ordinance structure.


* For the majority of the document and where appropriate, definitions have all been combined under one sub-section, unless the nature of the definitions were such (i.e. Adult Entertainment Businesses) that it was determined necessary to keep them with a specific sub-section. Additionally, if a land use was listed within a zoning district in either of the existing documents, but not defined, a definition is now provided.


* Under the heading, General Terms, provisions were included for the recognition of the role of a separate Planning Commission, in the event that the City Council initiates a separate body for such purposes. However, the term is defined as first being the City Council and therefore areas of the Code making reference to the Planning Commission are only applicable if the body is separate from that of the City Council (i.e. Appeals) .


* The land use zoning district sections were grouped into subsections of residential, commercial, open space and urban activities center in order for a user to view each zoning district’s permitted, conditionally permitted, or prohibited uses, and development standards within these larger classifications simultaneously. Tables were created for types of uses, processes required and for applicable development regulations with code references for related additional regulations. All the uses and their respective processes were kept consistent with the existing documents.


* In most cases, portions of new text were added to clarify existing language or to provide connectivity and continuity between the existing different documents and newly adopted City Ordinances. Some completely new sections of text have been added to update the existing documents and to bring the document into compliance with the newly adopted General Plan.


Community Development Director Barr advised an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was not required as one was completed for the recent adoption of the General Plan. A Notice of Determination will be filed to notice that CEQA requirements have been met.


He also advised that staff is still working on changes to some minor standards such as hair and nail salons, golf cart parking standards, guest parking standards, open space lot coverage’s, and child care standards. Staff is also still reviewing the comments received the day before from Culbertson Adams.


Mayor Pro Tem Ring requested that staff consider the following items

* Page 27 – Day Care in residential districts – a clarification is needed regarding when this is a permitted use and when it requires a use permit; suggestion that this be a permitted use for Churches.

* Page 30 – Guest parking – is the proposed standard of one guest parking space for every four dwelling units typical of other communities; Councilwoman McLaughlin suggested this standard may be too low.

* Page 34 – Maximum height in commercial districts vs. residential districts – council concurred with proposed ordinance wording; concern also raised about height of buildings in open space.

* Page 37 – Commercial stables listed as prohibited – Leisure World stables are commercial and are allowed in open space.

* Page 39 – Site coverage in open space districts – should this number be increased to 20%.

* Page 40 – Modify language in 18.20.320 to reflect intent.

* Page 61 – Change title to Setback Residential Areas bordering Streets – subsections do refer to both commercial and residential.

* Page 65 – Modify language in 18.30.400 to reflect intent

* Page 68 – Reduce maximum grade from 15% in recognition of unique characteristics of the community.


Discussion was also held on adult entertainment 1,000 foot limit and no change will be made.


Kevin Canning, representing GRF, recommended a procedure to modify an item without requiring a variance. He reported he will provide additional comments to staff regarding the use of a construction trailer in various areas, open space lot coverage, and visitor parking.


Director Barr reported that the recommended changes will be brought to PAC at their next meeting for further discussion.   The first reading of the ordinance will be brought to Council at their March 19, 2003 meeting. Mayor Pro Tem requested that the first reading not be held until April as he will not be in attendance at the March Council meeting. Council consensus was not to approve a delay in the first reading of the Ordinance.


The Planning Advisory Committee adjourned at 3:50 p.m.


Council recessed at 3:52 p.m.


Council resumed at 4:00 p.m.




Moved by Mayor Pro Tem ring, Seconded by Councilmember Ross, and carried unanimously to approve Consent Calendar items 7.1 through 7.6.


7.1   Approved City Council Minutes from the regular meeting of January 15, 2003 and adjourned regular meeting of January 29, 2003.


7.2   Approved the reading by title of all ordinances and resolutions. Said ordinances and resolutions that appear on the public agenda shall be determined to have been read by title only and further reading waived.


7.3   Received and filed January 2003 monthly Treasurer’s Report and the Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2002 Treasurer’s Report


7.4   Approved the February 19, 2003 Warrant Register in the amount of $ 434,439.79.


7.5   City Hall Lease Agreement: California Department Fish and Game


Authorized the City Manager to execute a lease agreement with the Department of Fish and Game to allow use of City Hall as a satellite office for the Fish and Game Senior Volunteer program, subject to approval as to form by the City Attorney.


7.6   Fiscal Year 02/03 Law Enforcement Agreement


Approved an agreement with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for Fiscal Year 2002-03 law enforcement services, and authorized the Mayor to execute the agreement subject to approval as to form by the City Attorney.







9.1     Advisory Committee Appointments


Moved by Councilmember Bouer, seconded by Mayor Hack, and carried unanimously to appoint John Bradley to the Human Relations Committee


9.2 Reconsideration of City offer to build a public parking lot to serve business located in the vicinity of the El Toro/Moulton intersection


Mayor Hack requested Council consider rescinding the offer to the Golden Rain Foundation to build a public parking lot on GRF property in the vicinity of the El Toro/Moulton intersection. A written offer was made to GRF and replied with questions and concerns about the offer.


Milt Robbins, President of GRF, indicated there were a number of factors in their decision and requested that Council not act prematurely.


City Manager Keane advised that if the offer was not rescinded, then if GRF accepted the offer, Council would have to go forward with the offer and find funding.


Moved by Mayor Hack, seconded by Councilmember Ross, and carried unanimously to rescind the City offer to build a public parking lot to serve business located in the vicinity of the El Toro/Moulton intersection.


9.3   Reconsideration of City offer to accept ownership of portions of certain private streets – Campo Verde, Calle Sonora, Calle Aragon.


Councilmember Bouer requested Council once again consider making an offer to the Golden Rain Foundation to take ownership of Campo Verde, Calle Sonora and Calle Aragon up to the gates of Leisure World.


City Manager Keane reported that an initial offer was made to GRF in 1999 and the offer stayed on the table until 2002. Money was being committed every year; in mid-2002, a letter was received from GRF stating they were not interested at this time.


Moved by Councilmember Bouer, seconded by Mayor Pro Tem Ring, and not carried on a vote of 1 to 4 to offer to GRF to take ownership of Campo Verde, Calle Sonora and Calle Aragon up to the gates of Leisure World for maintenance and landscaping.




NOES:       COUNCILMEMBER:    McLaughlin, Ross, Ring, Hack





10.1  Household Hazardous Waste Program


Assistant City Manager Reilly advised the City hired Curbside, Inc. in February 2002 to provide services under a pilot Household Hazardous Waste collection and disposal program. Since April 2002 8,000 pounds of HHW and 45 gallons of sharps have been collected from 157 households. Improper disposal of such waste is a major source of creek and ocean pollution and can be hazardous to our environment and to human health.


Resident Phyllis Solomon recommended there be more publicity on the Household Hazardous Waste program.


Moved by Mayor Pro Tem Ring, seconded by Councilmember Bouer and carried unanimously to authorize the City Manager to extend the existing agreement with Curbside, Inc. for household hazardous waste pick-up services through June 30, 2005, subject to the availability of funds.




Deputy Attorney Morgan reported everything was fine.


Mayor Hack announced that Public Comments would be heard prior to the Committee Reports.




Resident Helen Leiber, member of Concerned Citizens of Leisure World, requested Council place a resolution opposing United States Military Action against Iraq on the agenda and presented Council with approximately 300 petitions.


Mayor Hack advised it would require a 4/5’s vote to put the resolution on the agenda as an emergency resolution.


Resident Phyllis Solomon spoke in favor of a resolution and reported over 100 cities nationwide have adopted a resolution.


City Manager Keane advised that of the resolutions adopted, some have been weaker and some stronger than the resolution requested by the Concerned Citizens.


Resident Helen Leiber spoke in favor of any type of resolution against a war.


Resident Sue Nadel spoke in favor of a resolution saying we find ourselves teetering on the brink of war.


Resident Joe Rainey, Commander of the local American Legion, stated he in was in the Marine Corps and in combat zone and we all hate war. However, the President is the leader of the country and something has to be done.


Resident Shirley McGovern, spoke in favor of a resolution stating war will not give us peace or security.


Resident Florence Cohen spoke in favor of a resolution stating this community has the advantage of wisdom and understanding of what wars can do to people.


Resident Julie Ross spoke in favor of a resolution stating the hope for peace was through the United Nations.


Moved by Councilmember Ring, seconded by Mayor Hack to agendize an urgency resolution. A 4/5’s vote was required and the motion failed on a vote of 3 to 2.



AYES:       COUNCILEMMBER:    Bouer, Ross, Hack

NOES:       COUNCILMEMBER:    McLaughlin, Ring





12.1  Laguna Canyon Foundation (Mayor Pro Tem Ring)


Mayor Pro Tem Ring reported the architects plan and bids were received for the interpretative center and it was moving forward.


12.2  El Toro Reuse Planning Authority (Mayor Hack)


Mayor Hack reported they were in the process of settling law suits.


12.3  Orange County Corridor Authorities (Mayor Hack)


Mayor Hack reported only one city has not agreed to the merger of the two transportation corridors.


12.4  Vector Control District (Councilmember Bouer)


Councilmember Bouer reported the Vector control district meeting was tomorrow.


12.5  Library Board (Councilmember McLaughlin)


Councilmember McLaughlin reported the Library Board did not meet.


12.6  Orange County Fire Authority (Councilmember Ross)


Councilmember Ross discussed a recent vote taken by the board.




Mayor Pro Tem Ring announced the Town Hall meeting on Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft with Senator Ackerman was Friday, February 28, at our City Hall




City Manager Keane reported there was no need for a closed session.




The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 p.m. A regular meeting of the City Council will be held at 2:00 p.m. March 19, 2003 at the Laguna Woods City Hall, 24264 El Toro Road, Laguna Woods, CA 92653.






Adopted: March 19, 2003