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Golf Cart and Low-Speed Vehicle Use

The City has constructed a network of paths and crossings to help facilitate the use of golf carts throughout Laguna Woods. The California Vehicle Code allows low-speed vehicles (AKA “neighborhood electric vehicles”) to be driven across those same golf cart crossings, subject to applicable laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can golf carts and low-speed vehicles be driven on private property?

Homeowner’s associations and private property owners may have their own low-speed vehicle use regulations, including access, license, and registration requirements. Please check with the appropriate parties prior to using a golf cart or low-speed vehicle on private property.

Where and when are golf carts allowed to cross public streets?

Golf carts are allowed to cross public streets at the following signalized intersections during daylight:

  • El Toro Road at Avenida Sevilla (between Laguna Woods Village gates 1 and 5)
  • El Toro Road at Lutheran Church of the Cross/St. Nicholas Church
  • El Toro Road at the Home Depot/Town Centre
  • El Toro Road at Calle Sonora (between Laguna Woods Village gates 7 and 14)
  • Moulton Parkway at Santa Maria Avenue
  • Moulton Parkway at Laguna Woods Village Gate 12/Gate 16
  • Moulton Parkway at Via Campo Verde
  • Santa Maria Avenue at Moulton Parkway
  • Santa Maria Avenue at Avenida Sosiega (between Laguna Woods Village gates 10 and 11)

For more information on California Vehicle Code requirements and other motor vehicle laws pertaining to the use of golf carts and low-speed vehicles, please contact the California Department of Motor Vehicles at (800) 777-0133/TTY (800) 368-4327 or www.dmv.ca.gov, or private legal counsel.