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Compensation & Benefits

City Council Compensation and Benefits

Members of the City Council are eligible to receive either a salary or vehicle reimbursement allowance from the City in the amount of $300 per month ($3,600 per year). That amount has not changed since it was first established in 1999. City Councilmembers do not receive insurance or retirement benefits.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

City employees receive compensation and benefits as established by the City Council. The City’s salary ranges and current employee compensation and benefits resolution are available below.

A summary of employee benefits is available by clicking here.

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and receives compensation and benefits as set forth in his employment agreement. The City Manager currently receives an annual base salary of $204,310.06, a $1,000 per month deferred compensation contribution, a $150 per month technology allowance, and such other supplemental benefits as are generally available to full-time employees of the City.