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Doing Business

The City of Laguna Woods is committed to ensuring that its residents have access to high quality goods and services close to home. Central to that goal is a “resident and business friendly” approach to regulatory, zoning, and permitting matters. Current and prospective businesses are encouraged to contact the Planning & Environmental Services Department at (949) 639-0500 or planning@cityoflagunawoods.org with any requests for information or assistance. We look forward to helping you thrive in Laguna Woods.

Permitting Information

Zoning Information

All public and private property in Laguna Woods is located in one of several zoning districts that govern growth and development in a manner consistent with the Laguna Woods General Plan. For certain property, an additional overlay zoning district may also apply to provide specialized, supplemental standards.

Zoning is established to comply with state law that requires all cities (and counties in areas where there is no city) to designate “the proposed general distribution and general location and extent of the uses of the land,” including both “public and private uses of land” (California Government Code Section 65302(a)).

Site-specific zoning is delineated on the City’s Zoning Map.

The Laguna Woods Municipal Code contains tables of permitted uses for each zoning district. To discuss a use not listed, please contact the Planning & Environmental Services Department.